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Flyer's Crazy Build

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Well guys I figured I would share some pics with ya. This is the build I have had in mind for quite some time. I finally got my hands on a decent '91 240.

Some history. I got the car for $800. It is in really good shape from what I can tell. There are a couple of dents and dings but nothing major, no apparent frame damage, and the paint still looks decent. The motor is blown (sounds like spun rod and bearing(s)) but I am completely rebuilding it so thats not a concern.

I have gutted the car almost completely. I was expecting to see severe rust under the carpet being that the carpet was soaked when I bought the car, but I found nothing what-so-ever.

Now please forgive me, this thread probably isn't going to be very fast paced. I am 19 years old and on a limited budget. BUT, I should be ordering some goodies in the next 2 months. And when I say goodies, I mean my entire engine internals!

Anyways, on to some pics of the car.

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columbia sc- philadelphia flyers crazy build???

looks like a nice stocker

Yeah its stock for now. But not for long.
damn 800$? any rust on towers n stuff? looks hella cleean. nice find dude gl with the build!

you gonna keep the kade or gon swap in something else?
Yeah I thought $800 was a darn good steal for the car even though she doesn't run.

The only rust that has any thing to think about is that small spot under the passenger seat. There is some surface rust in the spare tire well but nothing on the towers or under body that I have seen.

I should be pulling the motor within the next 2 weeks. Then the disassemble will begin and soon after that I shall be getting my goodies and then get the block bored .020 over and the head cleaned up.

I have been going through my build inventory and it just keeps growing and growing. LOL
Well, I'll be pulling the motor this weekend to prep it for the build. Get it all cleaned up and probably paint the engine bay while I'm at. I hope to order the internals by the end of next month or the begining of October. Fully built motors aren't cheap lol, especially on a 19 year olds budget.

But anywho, I will have some more pics up this week hopefully.

Wish me luck!
Update time.

This is what me and a friend did over the weekend. I am now one step closer to the build!!

Why those pics are so big I know not. I know they are poor quality but I only use my phone.

Plans now are to disassemble the motor and prep it for the rebuild.
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