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Flywheel bolts

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How in God's name do get them off? I have been struggling all morning. I tried heat, impacts lube and I still cannot get them to budge! Any suggestions?
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Long 1/2" breaker bar. Then you'll have to find something to hold the flywheel.
I had this issue when we installed the last KA. Try using a two breaker bars. One tightening a bolt (a.k.a, holding the fly in place) while loosening the stuck bolt with the other breaker bar. After that, hope the bolt you were using for leverage comes out easy, lol.
I've also seen people use a breaker bar on the crank pulley bolt to keep the flywheel from spinning, but I'm not sure if that's healthy or not. Use steady pressure with the breaker and you should get it.
I'd recommend using a flywheel/flexplate holder. It'll hold the fly or flex by the outer ring gear so you don't damage anything. All the methods mentioned before work but again it can be kind of skeptical.
More PSI on the impact? Lol
Put one of the bolts that hold the transmission in place back in, as well as one (or two) of the pressure plate bolts.

Wedge a prybar or long screwdriver, or something like that inbetween the bolts you just put in so that the flywheel is stuck and can't turn anymore.

Ratchet with a longer pole over the end of it for leverage, and give it a go.
More PSI on the impact? Lol
yeah what he said an impact should turn those no problem.
OP never came back to see replies. Probably let this one go.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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