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Flywheel ring gear

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Hello all. A few weeks back I tried to start my 97 240 and it made a grinding noise. I tried again and it started just fine. Fast forward 1 week. I try to go to work in the morning and I get the same noise. Try again and again and the same noise. It doesn't crank or start. I rip off the factory starter (assuming the bendix isnt engaging or something) and have a look at the teeth and the ring gear. The starter looks a little worn so i buy a remanned, and the flywheel teeth all look fine. Install it and it's the same noise. I roll it down the driveway in gear and try starting it every foot. No luck. It does push start and drive just fine though. I rip off the new starter and give a closer look to the flywheel. The ring gear on the flywheel has play in it. I can move it back and forth horizontally a small but easily noticeable amount. Is this the grinding noise and why it isn't starting? Thanks!

tl;dr flywheel ring gear has horizontal play. does this cause god awful grinding noises and prevent the starter from engaging?
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Get another flywheel. There not too expensive. Lightweight ones can be had for under $300 and used ones normally sell for under $80.
I'll check LKQ for a flywheel tomorrow. Thanks mate!
Cause if that new ring is lose the flywheels probably warped on the other edges cause those are press fitted on.
If the ring on the new flywheel i get?
No, your current flywheel. I was referring to the new ring you put on your old flywheel.
I didnt put a new ring on it. As far as i know this is the factory flywheel.
Oh sorry. Thought you had it replaced the second time. Any who it still isn't suppose to have any kind of play.
Thanks a ton man. Ill get a flywheel Ordered asap.
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