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Found a 94 s14 for cheap...

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So, I want a project. I just found a 94 s14 on craigslist for $350. Dude lives about half an hour away but I gotta go into town tomorrow anyways. It says it has some engine problems but that doesn't bother me as I will be dropping in a RB25DET after I RHD it... I haven't bought a car myself before, I've only had my truck that I got from my grandpa when he passed away so I don't really know what to look for. I wanna do the RB25DET swap, rhd conversion, rebuild the suspension, ect so I really just need a shell. What should I look at with what I have in mind? I know to look for rust... but what else?

Also, whats the S15 front conversion for an s14 do... It changes very little from what I see...

Also, I plan on going up to look at this guys 240 later on today when I wake up. I'm also still debating about just getting a s13 hatch... they do look pretty nice...
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Fenders, core support, hood, lights, bumpers, signals/ changes a good amount.

RHD conversion's not a good idea for a DD, but that's another story.

Biggest thing to look at is what mods he's done that will screw you up in the long run. Wiring, cutting, etc.
make sure you look at the frame first specially the driverside its what rust out first. Then check and make sure theres no signs of water damage inside from leaks look for any possible damage from previous wrecks. Good Luck
get a hatch bro.. im getting a hatch i really like the hatch idea.

back on track.. look for frame warp, and welding. Along with what they said.

um you get rid of those angry kouki eyes/too mellow zenki eyes.. its like the best of both worlds IMO.

It was a 200sx (fwd)... Saw it and walked away... Found a REAL 240 hatch, went to look at it today. It was damn nice. Garage kept, couldn't find no rust, guy didn't do any mods at all to it (except stereo). It was a 1990 which I hear isn't good because of the SOHC engine but I'm dropping RB25DET in so it doesn't matter. Guy was kinda... steep though... He says he has a lot of extras for it so I asked him for a complete list of extra stuff. His wife showed me the car because he was at work. Needs a seat because the one in it is I don't know what to call it, all floppy. It goes back and forward without pushing the lever and its all easy. Had a few dings from parking lots but I have a body guy that would do all the work for just the cost of the materials and he does show quality paint. Gonna try to talk the guy down a bit, it IS the only S13 in my area though... All the other ones around here have SR20DET's and are way overpriced. There is also a shell, no engine, no interior, NOTHING... $1200... Drugs much?

Also, on a side note, dads trying to buy a 1988 saleen mustang convertible. Only 135 of them were made. The kid that owns it beat the shit out of it. So much dog hair in it we gotta tear the WHOLE car apart to get the dog hair out, lots of parts were changed from original, its got a lot of problems. Guy is looking at barret jackson for his price... Why are so many people out there idiots?
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