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fried sr??

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My roommate hooked up the terminals on my battery i relocated into my s13, and i hooked up the wires under the hood and he did the battery, well it got dark and we went to jump it off and the terminals were backwards. well it fried something and now i am lost. What should i start replacing? and of course i put the terminals in the right place now. i did blow the 75A fuse... replaced it. thanks guys!
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Well, what doesn't work?
it doesnt fire. thanks man
So your interior is powered, exterior is powered, car cranks but won't start?
yeah man! sorry i was just being short, but i didnt know how to explain it. what do you think it is? im not the best with this type of stuff. preciate bud
new ignitor, new battery, and im back motoring! i did some research. hope this thread helps someone else!
you are lucky - reverse polarity can sometimes do heaps of damage!
I'm having the exact problem except I'm getting no power at all or crank
I'm having the exact problem except I'm getting no power at all or crank
check the fuses....
the only fuse that was bad was the 75amp main fuse, it's been replaced. no change
Same problem as in you put your cables on backwards?
I once watched someone try to jump start a car in college with crossed polarities... entertainment ensued.
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