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front mount intercooler install?

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looking for some good pics of how others have cut out holes for installing a front mount intercooler... i have an 89 240sx hatch...throwin in a sr20det and preping the engine bay for the install.

i havent bought the motor yet but im going through stripping all the paint repainting and getting it ready for the sr20...dont really want to wait for the motor...install it and the fmic then cut it and take it all back out for touch up paint...
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If you get a kit designed for the 13, the only holes you should have to cut is through your battery tray and below that. You will also probably have to cut your crash bar or just remove it, and there will probably be some trimming of the front bumper involved.
yeh does anyone have any pictures of what area of the battery tray to cut out and on the drivers side???
It's going to depend on the kit you are using. You are going to have to test fit the piping and see where it goes. I can tell you exactly where I cut when I installed the Greddy kit on my 180, but that doesn't mean it's going to apply here. Use some intuition and creativity.
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