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** SOLD **

A friend is moving and needs to sell his car soon.

**The car does not run, suspected spun bearing**
'89 Nissan 240sx.
105879 miles
Replaced exhaust from cat-back (factory style), shifter boots, rear brakes & left side caliper, all about 6 months before it was parked.
Slight body dents on right side as shown, also keyed on driver side prior to my purchase. No body rust at all.
Engine had a bad knocking nosie from rear of cylinder head, and severe power loss. Did idle, but not driveable when it was parked. Under vehicle shape is excellent, except for engine oil leak. Transmission, clutch master/slave, brake lines, rear diff, all dry. Original clutch, but works fine. No slipping & easy take-off without grabbing or anything.
Cruise control does not work. Also had check engine light on (o2 sensor).
Everything else including A/C, power windows/locks, etc., worked great.
Asside from engine repair, it will need tires & a battery. Also just found that passenger door does not lock, will need a new latch.
He's looking for $500.

Pictures of the car:
his email is [email protected]
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