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Im selling one of my 240s. Its a maroon 5 speed 90 pignose hatch power everything with 149k on it. It runs and drives but last night the engine started knocking. The car does not have to be towed, but I wouldnt drive it too far. There is some damage on the driverside door/quarter but its not that bad, the passanger side is very good and only has a few dings. The car has a wingless hatch with rear wiper and a oem sunroof. Black interior which is in very good chape. There will be no radio or speakers but the car does come with a DEI alarm. It is currently registered and has a good sticker, it passed inspection last month.
Parts I installed before/during winter:
Brand new clutch,t/o bearing, slave cylinder,and s14 tranny mount
New wipers
91-94 full exhaust
91-94 se drivers seat
Im asking $800 OBO, I need this thing out of here asap!
Located in Springfield MA
413 218 5345
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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