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FS: 93 240SX HB Blacktop SR/5spd, $4500, Fairfield, CA

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Look here folks! I am selling the car for my friend that's in the desert and $4500 is what he would like to get out of it. No less!

1993 Nissan 240SX HB Base model
Charcoal Gray
Black Top SR20DET
Godspeed Coilovers
Transmission shifts good
Megan Short Shifter[doesn't rattle!]
17x8+35 5Zigen FN01RC all around with 215/45/17's, 4 lug
No Power Steering
330mm Pink deep corn steering wheel
3" cat back exhaust, not sure of brand but it sounds really nice with the SR.
still oem setup as far as cooling goes, so stock SR radiator, clutch fan and all that jazz.
Battery relocated to trunk
greddy turbo timer
black interior, manual side mirrors, windows, no rear wiper[no hole in the hatch either]

I checked the car out back in Feb and it's been sitting around waiting for a buyer since then. It doesn't have much mods on the car except for a good running SR, so it maybe a perfect platform for someone to cop on to modify even more, or even to keep it as a daily driver car, starts every time no problem.

Test drives available. Tag's current till Oct this year.

Car is currently located in Fairfield, CA.

Call me at 720-985-8548 with any questions about the car.


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I see a/c lines.... Is the A/C working still?

What is wrong with the P/S? Looks like the pump and canister are still installed. Just trying to help the sale.

AC doesn't work
PS stuff is all there but the high pressure line I believe.
Power Steering works, it just has a leak in it.
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