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Mostly I want an s14 with either a kouki front end or a sr20 swap. One or the other. If it's nice enough I will find a way to pay on top of the trade. I recently sold my s13 for a more practical daily driver. Shortly after I got an awesome deal for a 01 escort for a d.d. so now I want an s14.
Anyways the Jetta is an 01 with 176 k highway miles. Has been taken great care of. I've only had it for a couple months now. Fully loaded, leather interior, cai, 18 in wheels, stupid ass muffler, blacked out everything almost, monsoon stereo system, moon/sun roof.
Bad - has two dents on the passenger side. One on the door and one on the quarter panel. I got quoted 500 to fix both.
The maf sensor is starting to act up. I am gonna order one pretty soon though. Proably this weekend. Has a few burn marks on the roof (interior) I don't smoke so it drives me nuts.
Two rims are dented pretty good, but still rides fine and holds a bead.

The monsoon system was out for a couple days because I was testing a stereo system out in it. I will have pics soon though with the right stereo system. So if you want you can have the pos deck 12 polk/momo sub and pos xplode 1600 watt amp

and just for kicks heres a pic of my s13 engine bay, this is why i want another one

[email protected] or [email protected]
oh if i do sell it, I want 6k obo.
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