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I have a 10" Infinity sub in a box and a small audiobahn amp lying around. Shoot me an offer, its taking up space and i wanna get rid of it.

Amp is an audiobahn A2002T and the sub the reference line.


The "AUDIOBAHN" on the amp lights up blue as do each side of the amp. It has a chrome finish. Not a single scratch.

The sub is in a Qlogic box and it is tightly sealed. This setup was used sparingly, and never abused. I just decided to take it out since i don't use it much and it was just taking up space. It sounds good for what its worth.

I'm just looking to clear this out so yea how about $80 + shipping on the whole set. OBO. If you are local I'm willing to drive about 50ish miles to meet up. I'm currently in Central IL. Email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

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