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FS rebuilt KA24DE

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I am striping the 93 coupe of everything non essential.

Everything in the interior is for sale. If you need something let me know i probly have it and make me an offer please send all offers BY PM.

93 KA24DE motor, ECU, 5speedTranny and Harness F/S
motor has about 10k miles on it runs good and strong possibly need new vavle springs. Has new water pump, starter, alternator, bearings, rings, freeze plugs, Headgasket, timing chain, guides and tensioners, running 91 cams, with a decked head and raised compression, butterflys and emissons removed, 3 angle valve job, new distributor cap, rotor, Accell Coil and wires, NGK spark plugs, Centerforce stage one clutch kit. Tranny needs new scincros but only grinds going into 2nd other then that runns good. I would like to keep the motor and tranny together but i will split up if i have to. asking 800 but for the local guys it is negotible. I ran a 14.75 in the 1/4 last fall with this motor so it is a very strong motor for being mainly stock. 800 OBO for both or 500 OBO for the motor

I have a second head from an s14 w/ valve cover that needs rebuild- make offer.

i have an extra upper plenum in great shape- make offer

i have 8 370cc Q45 injectors used- SOLD

I have a flexible dowpipe cutsom made for a T3- 75 OBO

all sales are as is

Buyer pays acutall shipping on all items

prices are allways OBO to make an offer
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common guys make me an offer this is all negotible
here are some pics of the downpipe peices and the injectors
where you located? seriously interested in motor and possibly trans.
im in Oklahoma city.

the only thing about the motor is a rattle some people thinkits the chain cause that happens on this motor. however, i think its simply soft vavle springs cause i used the old one when i rebuilt it. so you might want to put new springs in it how ever everything else is new and the motor runs and drives great.
k i would prob be able to do local pick up, what part of the city do you live in? if you have pics that would be awsome
im in Del City on the SE side if ya dont know where that is. The motor is still in the car thats why i dotn have pics. I can pull it out with no problems and i can get pics while its i the car or i can go ahead and pull it.
just a couple pics in or out of the car would be fine. ill let you know later today if i want it for sure and if i want the trans. thanks.
Would the DE bolt up in an '89 that had a KA24E?
yes it would bolt up, you would need to change wiring harnesses and throttle cables and small stuff like that... the mounts are the same... you would need the exhaust manifold off of the dohc if you didnt already have it.
ok sry it took so long to reply i had to work anyway. first thing tomarrow morning i will take some pics of it for you and post them.
here are the pics with it still in the car taken about 1130 am central time this moring.
Radio, frame, and storage box

As the title says:
How much do you want for the radio, mounting frame, and the goofy little storage box under the radio shipped to 15601?

It's best to send me an email as I don't get on here as much as I'd like.

[email protected]
new price.

650+shipping takes the motor tranny harness and ecu
bump still got this thing.

common people i need the money please make me an offer.
ill buy that s14 valvecover, pm me
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