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first off if you have contacted me before about this and you flaked out on me dont even bother sending me an email or replying.

located in murrieta, california.
92563 area code.
not willing to drive.
first to give me the money takes it.

s13 fiberglass nismo side aero.
primered grey, needs paint.
no damage and has holes from being mounted.
fits perfectly.

is it authentic i thought it was but now i am not sure. the nismo kit was originally made for the s14 so this is probably modeled after that. when i got this it had a yellow label and had handwritten japanese characters on them. it is now faded because of age. i know that URAS has the same exact side aero so it could be those.

my aim is reefer1114 if you want to get a hold of me, pm me, or email me.
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