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Fs: silvia front end conversion+bodykit

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Hi, i am selling my k's front end conversion for 240sx. First i'm Around montréal so..
The front end is like a new, my car is freshly paint and it cost me 1.7k for the Job. It Come with all you need:

-silvia hood
-2x fender
-2x bricklights
-2x clear corner lights
-center silvia gril painted black
-2x lights brackets
-front bumper(bodykit)


im asking 1500$ because i saw many front end in bad condition for like 800$ and its all oem, mine come with brick light, clear corner light(rare), and bodykit. And it is in perfect condition.

I can sell with that, both door, hatch, rear bumper and tailgate freshly paint.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts