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FS: Wheels, Hubs, s14 MC, Rotors, Calipers

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I have the following
  • alloy tear drop wheels w/ tires in great condition - Tread is not matching on all 4 tires, but is all in good condition - looking for ~$140 OBO for all 4. Will part out into selling pairs if that's what you want to do.
  • Front and rear rotors from a S14 w/o abs - great condition
  • Front S14 calipers and torque member - (Non abs)
  • S14 manual transmission brake master cylinder
  • front and rear stock brake lines
  • never used s14 spare tire/donut
  • rear 4-lug hubs and bearings
  • damaged front 4 lug hubs - if you want to take the studs out of them (FREE)

Just give me an offer on whatever you want.

All of this is located in the Houston area. Buyer pays for shipping. shipping on wheels would probably be a hassle so i'd prefer if you pick them up.
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damnit I wish i knew this yesterday I just spent 50 bucks for a j-yard caliper.

i needed a right rear :(

how much for wheels without tires?

and those are 15X6 correct?
I only swapped my front brakes so i probably could not have helped you.

The tires are in good enough condition that I really don't want to have to take them somewhere and have them taken off. I'd prefer that tires just go along with the wheels, and if you don't want them take them off yourself. I need to get this stuff out of my garage :p
ah, I just skimmed the pictures.

well then would you do like 150 shipped?

I really dont need the tires but they probably are better than my kelly chargers rockin on my steelies lol
granted I'm unsure of final weight, but shipping up to Chicago's gonna run quite a bit so either you'll have to raise to account for shipping or i'll just wait for someone closer that wants them.
well actually I need you to ship them to michigan


give me shipping quote and we can talk from there
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