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Fuel Filter Replacement?

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I'm going to upgrade my fuel pump, so I thought that I should upgrade/replace my stock fuel filter too. What would you guys suggest I use?
-s13 blacktop Stock.
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get one for a 300zxtt
Thats what I was planning on getting.
And when releasing the fuel pressure make sure you unscrew the gas cap, unless you want gas everywhere. lol
I too am planning on doing this. Although I have never done it before. What do I need to do? Id imagine its as simple as disconecting the hoses, temprarily plug them, replace filter, then reconnecting hoses. Is it that easy or is there more to it.

300zx TT fuel filter.

and as far as installation yea, just remove the 2 hoses.. and then put them on the new filter..

the 300sx filter is a little bigger.. but still can be pushed in the stock filter bracket.
Aight, Awesome, Thanks!
removing the fuel pressure is the most important part. pull out the fuel pump fuse and unscrew gas cap. then start the car until it dies from lack of fuel pressure. start the car again until it stops starting. have a towel ready because some gas will still come out of the hoses and old filter.

Make the one on the right look like the one on the left. :D One thing I did was replace the fuel lines since the lines on the old filter were probably as old as the car. I went down to the autopart store with a small sample and picked up about 3ft of new hose.

As you can see the bracket still works good on the bigger 300zx filter.
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Yea, just did my sr swap and swapped in an 300zx fuel filter and spilled gas everywhere caus i didnt relieve the fuel pressure by disconnecting the fuel pump connector...anyways its very straight forward...just make sure the flow is right, and strectch the bracket to fit the larger filter.
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