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fuel injectors

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Im looking at fuel injectors cause i think thats the problem. When i shift into first and i give it gas the car almost dies out first and then gradualy gets more and more power but it like hesitates. Anyway i wanted to know what the difference was in the cc's in injectors. Im looking at 270cc and there are options for higher amount of cc's wanted to know what it does. And if anyone knows good deals feel free to post. Thanks a lot
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when are you shifting? theres alot of things it could be besides injectors
Sounds like a tip in hesitation which is typically ignition related like a plug or wire arcing.
yeah i have 3 in cat back and drilled slotted front rotors but i looked at injectors and they have been messed with a lot by previous owner and 2 are cracked from what i can see. Deatschwerks those are the ones that i planed on getting.
If you are going to replace the injectors you need to get stock sized ones, 270 cc I think for a KA, unless you have some type of ecu management. If you get larger ones without modifying the ecu it will flood the engine.
You will need air/fuel management for that to work. I.E. SAFC or similar piggyback, or a reflash of your ECU. Cannot just plug-and-play bigger injectors.
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