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Fuel pump fuse keeps blowing help

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hey guys as the title reads my 10 amp fuse for my fuel pump keeps blowing. Obviously my car won't start it just cranks and it almost wants to start but it just doesn't. As you can see my post numbers are very low because I always search and I usually find what I need but I need your ideas. I took my fuel pump out and made sure everything was plugged in and it looks fine, I changed out pump about 3-4 years ago. My fuel filter was also taken apart and the gas that came out was very dirty, but that still doesn't explain the blown fuses. I have a 92 ka24de, Anybody have any ideas?
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Seriously no body has an idea? On anything I post on my supra I get 5 responses in a matter of an hour. Help me out my fellow 240 guys.
fuses only blow for one reason.
Wire shorts... ur wire from the fuseto the pump is shorting somewere...
if u trace the wires completely and nothing is messed up with them atall.
its the ecu.
(tiz my guess...) either that or the relay for the pump is bad... or (again) the wiring for the relay is bad...
Supraforums has a lot more traffic than this, have to expect time delays.
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