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fuel tank holding waaaayyyy too much pressure

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first things first yes ive searched on here to no luck

ok my gas tank is holding wayy too much pressure
earlier i was low on gas so i filled up and when i un screwed my gas cap my gas tank hissed for a good 10-15 plus seconds

then after i filled up gas came up and started pooring out of the fill hole
well i thought maybe it was just a bubble and shook my car a little and it went back down
so i drove home and all was well

well a few hours later i went to go somewhere so i decided id check to see if it was still holding too much pressure and it hissed again and started spewing out gas again

anyone have any idea as to whats causing this? i just changed my fuel pump and filter too
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Check the vent line. It goes up to the charcoal canister under the hood. If its pinched shut, any fuel vapor/pressure will stay in the tank causing a pressure build up. I would either remove the charcoal canister and see if the problem persists, or crawl under it and make sure the lines are good going to the canister.
ok, i was planning on removing it anyways should i just leave the line open or how should i go about doing that?
You can leave it open. You may smell gas every now and then but it shouldn't be to excessive. It may not even solve the problem tho, I would just remove the canister (plug the lines going the intake mani) and let it vent to atmosphere. If it works, leave it. If it doesn't work then there is something else causing the pressure build up.
Could be a bad gas cap
well i put a different gas cap on it today, and i have that opened though my friend who has it removed as well said i should have it capped but im gonna see how it does the way it is

i think i may have bigger problems ahead, my cars been making this kind of nasty burning smell, and i opened up my oil cap and could smell that and gas so i think my motor may be about to go, either that or my injectors are worse thatn i thought
well the gas cap did the trick, and the smell went away, my guess is it had somethin to do with the bad gas cap, very strange
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