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fule pump desent come on on ignition

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just did the swap from ka24 e to to ka24de and now the fule pump dosent come on and the light on my ecu dose not come on so i can flash the ecu for codes dose any one no any thing
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dam so no one knows anything about this i guess google is the onl one tht can help me
Lol wow, you post at 1AM and expect instant responses?

This forum is slower to respond, most of us get on when we can. Gotta give it a day at least.

Clearly you missed a connection somewhere, go over the engine again. Don't forget the engine grounds.
Fuel is spelled fuel, not fule.

Good to know people think a forum will give faster response than google.
i went over every thing i even wired the wires from the ecu dyrectly to the dash it was working b4 but just resently it stoped wen i turn the ignition on the lights on the dash come on and sen i try to start it the motor will turn over but the fule pump dosent come on and there are no lights on the ecu i really dnt no wht to do i check all the grounds
Well. Power the fuel pump directly, see if it fires. If not, it's dead. If it fires, go find why it's not getting power.
but i dont think the ecuy is getting any power because wen i try to flash it for codes my turning the screw i get nothing the light on the ecu sosent even come on wen i turn on the ignition but wht i dont get is if the light in the ecu dosent come on why would themotor turn over
I don't think the motor would try and crank without the ECU, but I could be wrong. *Shrug*. Unplug it and try lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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