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wassup everyone! i have a few things to sell...SR parts, rims, 240 parts, non-car parts, and stuff. im located in Oxnard, CA 93033. prices are negotiable unless stated otherwise and shipping is not included. i listed my zip so you could find out the shipping price, but i prefer local pickup. selling because like everyone else, i need to pay for bills.

Contact info:
[email protected]

Car Parts:

14x6 4x114.3 Rays White rims -$150 (4)

16x7 4x100/114.3 Katana Rims -$100 (2)

JVC CD Head Unit KD-SX990 -$150

240SX Parts:

89-94 240SX Stock Springs -$15

KA24DE Tranny Bell Housing -$25

91 240SX OEM Front End -$400
-Front Bumper -$100 PENDING
-L/R Fenders -$75ea PENDING
-Hood -$150
-L/R Pop-Up Headlights -$75ea

OEM Nissan BOSE CD/Cassette Head Unit -$150

SR20DET LongBlock Only -$350 pick-up only or +$70 delivered by me within 70 miles from my location(something wrong, didn't want to tear it apart) DON'T KNOW YET CUZ MIGHT REBUILD IT

SR20DET Intake Manifold -$85

SR20DET Stock Down Pipe -$50

SR20DET MAF -$70

JDM TRUST GREX Air Filter -$50

SR20DET Coilpacks -$100 (4) -$30ea

SR20DET P/S Pump w/Bracket -$150

SR20DET P/S Pump w/Bracket, Res Tank -$175

SR20DET P/S Pump w/Bracket, DOHC lines -$275
-DOHC Lines Only -$200

SR20DET ALT -$160

SR20DET A/C Compressor -$100

SR20DET Stock Turbo Manifold -$20

SR20DET Stock Turbo Outlet w/ O2 Sensor -$55

91 240SX stock Fuel Pump -$5

Non-240SX Parts:

Honda 92-95 Civic Coupe Cat-Back Exhaust -$335 this is just the muffler end...the B-Pipe is still on the car

2002 Toyota 4Runner Rims & Tires -$345ea (2)*NEW RIMS TIRES*

Misc Things:

XBOX w/ Controller-S, DVD-PLayback kit -$115

Sony DSC-P52 Camera w/ Sony Bag, Rechargable Batteries w/Charger, 16MB & 128MB Stick -$125

Black & Decker 7.2V Drill -$12

thats all i think...for now...remember all prices are pretty much negotiable and without shipping. LMK thnx!

Contact Info:
[email protected]

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