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Garage Sale SOCAL..SR parts, Rims, misc, etc.

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wassup everyone! i have a few things to sell...SR parts, rims, 240 parts, non-car parts, and stuff. im located in Oxnard, CA 93033. prices are negotiable unless stated otherwise and shipping is not included. i listed my zip so you could find out the shipping price, but i prefer local pickup. selling because like everyone else, i need to pay for bills.

Contact info:
[email protected]

Car Parts:

14x6 4x114.3 Rays White rims -$150 (4)

16x7 4x100/114.3 Katana Rims -$100 (2)

JVC CD Head Unit KD-SX990 -$150

240SX Parts:

89-94 240SX Stock Springs -$15

KA24DE Tranny Bell Housing -$25

91 240SX OEM Front End -$400
-Front Bumper -$100 PENDING
-L/R Fenders -$75ea PENDING
-Hood -$150
-L/R Pop-Up Headlights -$75ea

OEM Nissan BOSE CD/Cassette Head Unit -$150

SR20DET LongBlock Only -$350 pick-up only or +$70 delivered by me within 70 miles from my location(something wrong, didn't want to tear it apart) DON'T KNOW YET CUZ MIGHT REBUILD IT

SR20DET Intake Manifold -$85

SR20DET Stock Down Pipe -$50

SR20DET MAF -$70

JDM TRUST GREX Air Filter -$50

SR20DET Coilpacks -$100 (4) -$30ea

SR20DET P/S Pump w/Bracket -$150

SR20DET P/S Pump w/Bracket, Res Tank -$175

SR20DET P/S Pump w/Bracket, DOHC lines -$275
-DOHC Lines Only -$200

SR20DET ALT -$160

SR20DET A/C Compressor -$100

SR20DET Stock Turbo Manifold -$20

SR20DET Stock Turbo Outlet w/ O2 Sensor -$55

91 240SX stock Fuel Pump -$5

Non-240SX Parts:

Honda 92-95 Civic Coupe Cat-Back Exhaust -$335 this is just the muffler end...the B-Pipe is still on the car

2002 Toyota 4Runner Rims & Tires -$345ea (2)*NEW RIMS TIRES*

Misc Things:

XBOX w/ Controller-S, DVD-PLayback kit -$115

Sony DSC-P52 Camera w/ Sony Bag, Rechargable Batteries w/Charger, 16MB & 128MB Stick -$125

Black & Decker 7.2V Drill -$12

thats all i think...for now...remember all prices are pretty much negotiable and without shipping. LMK thnx!

Contact Info:
[email protected]

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pix are finally up...but not all of them...going up:thumbsup
would you be willing to sell the RH side turn signal for the '91 chuki front end?
up again...c'mon ppl need to sell to pay for bills...prices are ObO
Hmmm......The Katana wheels....Ill pick them up for $40
if you want em...come by and take me at
Wow, I didnt realize how far away you are. Let me think about it.
morning bump
T T T:yummy
I will give you 80 shipped for the alternator. Paypal is what i prefer. Lemme know.
Rs4Race said:
I will give you 80 shipped for the alternator. Paypal is what i prefer. Lemme know.
make it $95 shipped and its yours...LMK [email protected]

another bump TTT
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