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Gas mileage

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Hey, I currently have a 99 Jeep Cherokee. 4.5" lift, 33's, and much more. Obviously gas is killing me right now. I've loved 240s for a long time. I'm seriously considering selling the jeep, and getting what i've wanted for a long time, a 240. I'm planning on going with a 95 and up s14. I also plan on doing the sr20 swap right away. What type of gas mileage are you all getting on your 240's with the sr20. I know there are a lot of different factors, such as tire size, intake, turbo, and so on. I just want a good estimate of what to expect. I know anything will be an improvement over my 10mpg that I am getting right now.
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i get 22 average on my old KA24De so if you have an SR i'd guess i'd be around the same ballpark if it was bone stock.
Awesome, thanks man. Thats about what my old prelude got.
I get about 25! Trying to improve because my friends civic gets 35mpg! And i hate him for it!
I have a 91 Jeep Cherokee Limited and i get about 13 mpg =[
my stock SR gets about 20-21 city 26 highway on 91. I drive my car like I stole it half the time, and I drive it like a pansy the other half.
I always drive on local roads because stores and work are so close to home. Only a couple hours highway trips like every three weeks... The gas mileage on my 96 240SX is about 22-23 mpg, just like in the specs.
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