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First off, This is probably the most ghetto install possible for dual projector headlights.. Don't get your hopes up..

I used the highest in drift technologies to install these (zip ties), they are adjustable using the OEM headlight headlight motors (the spin knob on top)

As far as left and right adjustment, i havent had any problems, they are pretty cleanly installed as far as that is concerned. I honestly dont want to sell them, but a turbo setup is a little more important to me than looking nice right now.

Don't think these will fall apart, I have had these installed for about 5 months, and they are absolutly fine, I have had to replace one zip tie, cause the clip broke on it.

They are still on the car, but if i find a serious buyer, i will take them off.


Infiniti J30 headlight projectors, retrofitted into S13 headlamp assemblys
10,000K hid kit Low beam
regular halogen 9005 high beams
Harness ready to plug into your H4 sockets, NO wire splicing, at all.

All bulbs, Hid, headlight housings, projectors, zip ties, (maroon) headlight covers.. .the whole shabang is included... basically ready to bolt on.

im asking 435$ shipped
(300 for hid, 200 for headlights.. im breaking un-even, but i need the cash)

Paypal preferred.

::: PICS :::

Email is at [email protected]

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sr240dett3 said:
if u maid some sort of housing for them, and a front panel that (with holes where the projector stuck out) it would of looked alot cleaner, and maybe sell faster..

Looks sweet but for that price I can get some professionally made, no offense. Forgot the link.

Bump for creativity :thumbsup
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