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good mechanic??

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whats up, i am new to the forum and need help. residing in cincinnati i have a 96 that got a sr motor and tranny.. from zerolift!!.. pretty sure that was a mistake, but not many options in cincy. should've gotten it shipped outta state in hindsight. the car was running fine for about 3 months and now the idle is rough when cold and horrible when warm( starts to die as soon as you push in clutch and also when at a stoplight it bounces from 300rpm to 1300, running really rich) also when you try to get on it at all the motor sputters and hesitates like its at the top of its rpm band and loses power( around 4600rpm) i do not want to go back to zerolift. they are horrible( another conversation) does anyone know of a top notch tuner in cincinnati or anywhere in the country for that matter? please help
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In a day or two, your "Be nice, I'm new here" will change to "Member". At that point, hit REP on your post and request it get moved to the regional forum. You'll have more local exposure there.
alright.. that would be great , cause she isn't running right at all
I'm gonna assume you did the basics and tried google'ing first
sure did

tried cleaning aac valve and that wasn't it. sounds like it could be anything from a vacuum leak to coil packs to the fpr or timing! i love working on my car but i just don't have the work space or time right now. i thought about buying new coil packs and spark plugs and a for but thats a chunk of change i don't wanna drop if those aren't the culprits. like i said, it was running great then all of the sudden wasnt( guess thats always the case though)
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