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good shops in Idaho/washington?

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good shops in spokane?

hey guys, im traveling and im staying around spokane/coeur d alene idaho and im looking for any good shops worth checking out in the area. id be looking for parts for my s13/rb20 swap. let me know!
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Get on and do some searching. Im sure theres a shop in the Spokane area. If not, the closest is UP Garage.

Lots of 240s in spokane. An RB26DETT powered S13 coupe my buddy Sean drives also.
thanks man i'll check it out
NWN has all your answers lol.
spokane doesnt have really any shops to offer you much at all...its either all orderd from socal and big companies to be sold retail and pretty much not much shops here are in the area you would think would have the resources here....UPgarage would be one of your top places to go in the Northwest but that would be seattle area....theres only one shop in central washington kaizen speed....theyre growing pretty big...tune many cars and have a good rep...have a 8.9sec h22/h2b....most of your spokane scene are hondas...
Don't know about Spokane, but in Western Washington northwestnissans is good. Mostly gets classifieds activity and lses technical talk, but it is an active forum.

Also, added plug for Garage Autohero in Woodinville
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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