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Head/valve train questions...

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So I am curious to know when do i need to upgrade the head or valve train or get head studs. I have a blacktop sr20det with:
740cc injectors
gt2871 turbo
hks 3 in down pipe back exhaust
walboro 255lph fuel pump
apexi power fc d jethro
aem true boost controller/gauge
hks racing suction kit
hks fmic
hks ssqv3 bov
short throw shifter
stage 2 excedy clutch

Basically, how much psi can i run safely on a stock head before i need to do mods to it. I have a ticking sound in the head now, so if i need to do upgrades now would be the time to do it for me. Any suggestions? And does anyone know what mods to the head you have to do to safely rev to 8000 rpm?
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It depends... Some heads can hold some cant.. The question is do you want to risk it. If the best time would be change over new then have to do it later then i would say do it now and get it out of the way. Cams, valves, springs, retainers, camgears, rocker arm stops. It will eliminate the question of how much can i go to i can go a little more
I understand that I should do it now which is why I am going to. But the question is do i drop $1300 for the 8000rpm kit or do I drop $2200 for the 9000rpm kit? And that's without cams. but I am only looking for 20psi boost at most and i have no intention of doing hi rev racing. I am keeping my hi rev max at 7000rpm. I am most concerned with the boost. Plus i have no idea what cams I am going to use.
...if you're not revving over 7, why are you dumping $$$ on a kit made to go to 8?
I am not really intending on doing that. I am just trying to see what I need to do to hold 20 psi boost on the head. But 8K rpm kits are the lowest rpm kits I can find for upgraded head parts.
Get parts separate and not in a kit?
hows that AEM TruBoost Gauge Controller.. the nobs look very dinky.. anyways

go with the $1300 kit and what ever it don't have to make you feel safe buy with the leftover money.. what comes in the kit?... i know you want forged pistons, upgraded springs + valves + retainers + Connecting rods. sounds like a promising kit if it has that then you go and buy some 272 cams for like 600.00$. unless that 2200$ kit comes with like errthang
The kit is this...
HKS Step 2 Camshaft 8,000 RPM Kit for SR20DET

Not worried about the bottom end I have a 2.35L stroker kit coming for the car. So it should be good to go.

Brian Crower Stroker Kit 2.35L for SR20DET

I have spent a ton of cash on the motor which it why i dont feel like blowing the head....again....It also sucks cuz i spent to much on the motor and have almost no cash left to take care of the suspension. I have posted on the suspension to in the suspension part of the forums. But anyway just looking make sure it can handle the alloted boost. Once the gt2871 gets fried im going to upgrade to some 2000cc injectors i found and probably slap on a t88 turbo and drag the crap out of the car. Or drift it with a gt30 series and some 1000cc injectors. Haven't decided yet. I have never drifted only drag so not sure what I want to do. But any way...head suggestions?
It is my belief that no SR owner should ever be without rocker arm stoppers. I mean they're cheap, easy to install, and overall good insurance. Anything over a 256° duration cam and I'd suggest valve springs.
It is also my belief that the block, not the head is what determines peak psi. The head is where most power can be extracted however via cams, oversized valves, porting/ polishing, lets quit trying to determine what to do to a valve train based off psi, and rather base it off what HP numbers you're going for...if psi is what you're concerned with then make sure you gets some arp studs and a metal headgasket...
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