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Header finally!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yep i finally got my header for my ka24e....currently putting it on.....but i have run into some questions...i know theres a egr on the stock manifold which i been told that doesnt need it..then below it theres and o2 sensor...but below that theres another pipe...i need to know what is it for and does it need it? please help!!!!!!!!!! and has anybody removed the ac unit? does it add hp? and if removed what size belt did you use to replace it?:questionmark:
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That's the AIV port. Not needed, emission purposes only.
removing the a/c does not give added power....:gaah: why do people always think this....anyway, its just frees up the load on the crankshaft. the revolutions will be a little bit faster cause it doesnt have to carry the extra weight. now, as far as the belt, all the accessories have their own separate belt. (ps, a/c, fan, etc.)
The load is minimal. The Pulley is free spinning when the A/C is off. There's little to absolutely no load.
alright thanks everybody...well i got my header on!!! like the nice deep what should my next project be???
Take it off and sell it to me :)
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^lmao.....+1 future
Now give me rep
i did
alright thanks everybody...well i got my header on!!! like the nice deep what should my next project be???
What kind of Brakes and Suspension you running?
what brand header did you buy? got any pics of the motor with the header on? im getting ready to purchase a header myself
all the headers i have found have been junk
Pics of said header or GTFO :)
It's probably an OBX or some variant of it, nothing special unless he's got a race header with a 3" outlet then I'd request some pics.
hey u were right..i got a cheap obx header. lol but it sounds nice and i do feel a difference
oh and i already have a new cam on it already...oh and is there anythin besides the header wrap to keep the heat down? and today i took out my a/c but like u said no difference....tomorrows project is maybe installin an electric fan to replace my clutch fan? any opinions on this?
Ceramic Coating or Header Wrap is the only way to contain heat in the Header.
e-Fans you'll notice a diff in response. Power, not so much. Mostly response.
with efans go with dual altima fans....
I agree with meme. The altima fans are cheap and easy to wire
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