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help anyone pls!!!!!!!!!!!

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ok i have a 92 240sx and i just recently bought it like 4 months ago and its my first car! i need the car running for work, tired of driving my parents car. and plus im making payments on it, got a loan frm my bank just to get my credit up, and it sucks cause my car is not running anymore. ok well first problem, injector #3 died and made engine run like crap, replaced it with a new one from autozon, ran good for 3wks than 2 cylinder wasnt firing thought it was the injectors so i changed all 4 with 4 new deatche 270cc, put them in stared it up ran great for the test drive, than turn the car off went insde came back started the car and didnt start had too press on the gass to start it smelled like my engine was flooding with gas, pulled plug 1n4 and just stayed normal so now i know it was never my injectors, ok well did compresion readings were good 165, to 155 around there in all 4, change plug wires, spark plug, tps, differnt ecu, check maf, took of timing chain and was off about 40 dgrees, the silver piece and little dot was on opposites sides lol timing way off, so fixed that was a pain to get timing chain off. well after i got the timing chain on and togther hoping it would fire right up like normal but "NOTHING" will crank over but wont start, put at tdc still wont start wtfffff, anyone help me plssssssss???? i miss driving my car help me pls
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the timing might still be off. i would double check everything with that. the marks are not going to line up unless it is on the correct stroke.
i doubled checked everything before installing everything back on everything match up with the marks bro.
Will it start if you put gas to floor or unplug injectors?
it did before but not anymore
Seems like it has to be timing, now that it wont start at all
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