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help!!! check engine light on ?

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first off i have a 1996 240sx. ive been driving it for a while and decided to wash out my engine bay. i put a bag over my distributor and the wires. drove it for about 20 min and my check engine light came on. i noticed when im at a light that my rpm's drop to about 500 and feel like my car is about to stall ??? when i bought my car the last month i replaced the o2 sensor cause the check engine light was on and that was the causing the problem. it went away for a while and now its back. could it be the knock sensor or what ????? help
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the 96 have the obdII system, just hook up a scanner and that will tell you what code its throwing...
yea i did and it showed a po130 02 sensor code and p0325 knock sensor code. but i already changed the o2 sensor last month
what about the knock sensor?
i didnt have to change it because when i did the o2 sensor everything was fine until now
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