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Help please! No Start.

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Ok guys I've done alot of searching and havent found what Im looking for.
I have an RB25 swapped S13 thats ran fine since Ive had it. (only 1-2 months)
Suddenly, Alot of problems came my way. It all started when I began blowing fuel pump fuses.
After 2 blew I put in a larger amp fuse and they stopped blowing. But then, My spark plugs went out. After figuring out the plugs were bad I replaced them and it started right up. I then drove the car about 20 miles and the EGI Relay and/or the EGI pump went out. I replaced these and drove the car for about 30 miles as a test. Parked the car overnight and now it will not start. Again. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've spent over $200 in tows home in the past 2 weeks.

Car is cranking fine like it wants to start its just not catching. Fuel pump only primes sometimes.

Thanks guys.
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It sounds like you have some wiring issues if you keep blowing fuses like that. I would check for another blown fuse and maybe a short somewhere
Get you some AAA with 100 mile tow coverage till you sort it out.

Wish I could help you out more.... I'd be happy to take the RB off your hands if you think it would help?

Can you hear the fuel pump priming when you turn the key? The click before cranking, you should hear the quiet 'whirrrrr' of the fuel pump priming the fuel rail. If its cranking strong and you're pump is priming, look at your fuel pressure (if you've got a guage) is it in the 35-60 psi range?

If the fuel system passes those quick simple tests, then look at spark. Are the cylinders getting spark? Are they getting spark at the right time? What heat range are the plugs? How old are the wires? Do those things run a distributor or coil pack ignition? Whatever it has, test those parts for failure.
Thanks for a response guys. And no thanks steve. lol. This car is more fun than any car I've owned. And I just sold a 400awhp STi. Cant beat rwd and the stock power from an RB25. Unless you're willing to dish out the cash for a 26 TT that is.
But about 20 min. ago for the first time in my life I had the pleasure of my throttle cable sticking at WOT. Never been so scared in my life lol seeing as I live on very twisty country roads. Got that problem solved though.
What happens if you hold gas to floor and crank for about 20 seconds?
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