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help plz im new to all this

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Im getting a 240 tommarow off some guy and he sent me a list of all the mods done on it can you tell me if any thing is good here is what it has vvv

stock 93 twin cam ka jwt rail aeromotive fpr 4-2-1 header sleeper 2.5 cat
back afc1 intake mishimoto radiator pulley rsr springs some old school 16x7
16x7.5 volks strut tower bars 4 point some fiber tech trophy truck lazy eye
headlights with a life time warranty optima red top located to the trunk
comes with to extra twincams and auto tranny and ill throw in a engine stand
and a subfrme thats got solid bushings installed and a few more extras im
forgetting oh and the AC blows ice cold!
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Check to make sure the volks are real. They could be worth some $$$$ if they are oldschool.

The solid subframe bushings are a pita, so thats a good deal right there. Just make sure they are what he says they are, jack up the car and look. If you don't know how to find the subframe/subframe bushings, google.

If the cars in running condition, and solid, then sounds like a good deal to me.
ok cool ill prob have my mechanic do it for me
and im trading my cr250 with a varner built motor v force reed valves etc... so i thi8nk its a good deal
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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