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Help! Roadtrip in 4 days!

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I got an engine bay harness (the one that connects to the lights and the brake reservoir) that was supposedly off of the same car as mine, but it terminates in an ecu connector where mine does. When I apply power, nothing happens. Any idea what I can do to make this thing work?
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Dont understand the question

I've swapped it in, but on the pass. side fuse block, there is brown, and a black connector I can't find, as well as a few going in the opposite direction.

Nothing sees power when the battery is applied.

The negative battery cable grounds to the tray, and then there's another same gauge cable going off the same lug that connects to nothing...

Ok, here is the situation.

My wiring burned up. I replaced the entire cabin harness, and the entire engine bay harness. The harness from the engine bay that came out didn't have the blue clip with the bolt on it that seems to go through the firewall, but the new one does. I've installed both, with a few questions about where some of the connectors are (The engine compartment harness is routed, but there aren't things to plug in to near the fuse block). When I apply power, nothing happens. Absolutely nothing. If the key is in the ignition I got a CLICK and then nothing when power was applied. I'm sort of at a loss here. There is no brown connector near the fuse block to hook anything up to, and the black connector beside it is at a loss as well. I'm close to having everything else connected (All of the lights and that kind of crap).

Any suggestions?

In the military, they have a series of signs. One of them is "cover me, I'm fu*ked."

Someone please, help me.
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