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Help, some electrical problems...

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Hey guys any help is appreciated. I was resetting my ECU and after I put it back in the kick panel it seems my car's electricals got all jacked up.

My stereo doesn't work, and my interior lights don't come on anymore when I open the door. Also, when I try turning on the lights above the rear-view mirror, they don't work BUT I hear a click and the little indicator light that tells you when a door is still open LIGHTS UP. The clock also goes off when I hit the ceiling light switch on.

Another annoying thing is, when I turn off the car and open the door, the belt doesn't slide away towards the front of the car anymore unless I put the key in and into "on" mode and then open the door.

Anyway, I think it has to do with the wires surrounding the ECU in the kick panel. Any help or input is greatly appreciated. And if you need more info I'll try my best to give it to you. Thanks!:beer2:
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