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ok look at this post!!!

when looking at the timing on my sr20det with a timing light it is suppose to fluxuate a little and when slowly reving it up to all the way to ~2500 it should start to change and you should be able to see it go all the way to ~25 or 30* BUT MY CAR DOES NOT DO THAT i have been testing and pulling wave fourms and i cant find anything roung with sensors.

the car feels like sh*t from take off and if it is set at 15* it can not be driven. so it is set at 25* witch i know is bad but what could i do

and the car is doing about 15 mpg. on the 5-gas anilazer it is running lean not rich its running at out 15.1 afr.

i opend the valve cover and the timing chain is all good

does any one know what is the knock sensor should read key on engine off? my car reads 2.5v

any help would be good!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts