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Help. Who has Q45 rotors re-drilled into 4 lugs???

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ive been searching online for three days, calling people in the yellow pages. Searched around and still nothing! I know people have it done. Cause people are always talking about it. I live in Socal so i know there is some type of shop in the rancho/fontana area. And please dont tell me to pay $100 and get drilled and sloted rotots from 88 rotors. im on a budget. I have 0 to my name as of now and owe my parents like 120. So i need a shop that can do it cheap.
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lol, damn you still havent got the rotors redrilled...good luck, i hope you get them done soon. i wanna see your ride w/ the new brake system on....
ive been doing alot of research

i found out that 99 sentra rotors will work. But they are 6mm shorter which requires the calipers to extend longer which causes failure. Havent read anything about failure, and also havent found anything bad about re-drilling my rotors. Just cant find a place
the altima rotors work as well.
Yeah, I'm doing the J30 upgrade. Best thing about It is my step dad has a drill press. So the junk yard rotors will be pretty good.

Ask around and try and find someone with a drill press, its real simple.

Good luck though. I enjoy read posts from people in my position, broke!
yepp call ur local machineist and tell him u need 4 holes drilled and all they need is a damn drill press
Heres a hint

Get a six pack or two of something decent
Take rotors to a mechanic or shop with a drillpress
Ask nicely for them to drill the 5th hole in each rotor in exchange for beer

Works best on a friday
Why not just buy from our sponsor? Silver Mine Motors
Somebody named 240kid didnt read my post were i clearly stated i have no money

And for the rest of you guys. IVE CALLED THEM ALL. And went down to alot.

Im looking for somebody in socal who will either do it for me or knows a place to get it done
Sorry, but like they always say. NOTHING is free...
Have you tried your local high schools auto mechanic shop. They usualy will do it for free so they can show the students a new skill. I got my fc painted that way for free a couple of years back
No i hsavent tried that. And 240kid obviously. Ill get the money. Dont worry about that. Just cant find a place

And i took the autoclass at my high school. No drill press ):
Drove around for like an hour and a half...wasted my life and gas. Nobody wants to do it
I had them and sold the whole Q45 from brake kit for $200. I upgraded to the 300Z 30MM system from $300.
and that helps the op how? future, the reason no one wants to do it, is because they think they will ruin the rotor and if you use it like that and it breaks, it goes on them. its more of a liable cause type shit. you might have to suck it up and buy the new ones. also try the local colleges. im sure your local college has an auto shop, and im sure they have a drill press there. just when you do, do it, make sure to use one hole and just re-drill 3 more...thats how mine is....
fuck man id do em for you at the shop but i would need shipping expensis covered
Get me a price quote

And meme what do you mean drill one hole?
Future, the best way is to line up one hole on each of the rotors, with the 4 lug, stock rotors, on top. put a Bolt through that one hole and drill the other 3 holes.
That is a genis idea. but still i have no drill press -________-
I dont know about out your way, But you could try and call some local Hardware stores. I know the ones around here have drill presses, and willing to do small work. Its worth a shot.
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