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hi i wanted to boost my stock 92 240sx and i did my reasearch and have concluded to this setup.jst wanted feedback and if this kit is reliable and what is the max psi should i push so that i wont brake anything.also where can i find or get the turbo intake?and do i need a z32 maf?

hks hi power exhaust
catco 3" high flow cat
megan racing botttom mount exhaust manifold
gt28r dual ball bearing turbo w/internal wg
megan turbo outlet and downpipe
greddy emanage ecu
hks ssq bov
ams manuel boost controller
prostreet intercooler 31x8.3x3.5
ams fuel system kit(55lbs injectors,fuel rail,fuel pressure gauge,fuel pressure regulator,fuel lines
and maybe a greddy turbo timer

so what you think and yes ima upgrade my clutch and suspension first.thanks
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