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Hey everyone, I'm new to these cars, I bought a 95 that was already swapped, with a black top. The swap was not perfect but not too bad, just a few little TLC issues, but I am just having a few issues clearing the check engine light.

Here is what I am stuck on:

I have fixed everything but fault code 34 and 82, knock sensor and cps.

Now first off the swap on this car runs the ka ecu with a jwt tuned eprom, it has the distributer and ka maf. Now I guess it is worth saying the car runs and drives well, nothing that would indicate a major cps or ks issue aside from the idle is a bit high (1100-1150).

For the KS, I tried a new one, no luck, hard wired it direct to ecu to rule out harness breakes no luck, tested the sensor it's good. If the battery is disconnected the codes clear and it will give me a 55, but as soon as the engine is started it will throw the two codes.

The only thing I can see is that following the wires from the ecu, it looks like the KS and cps turn into shielded wires. it also looks like the shield wires from both these and a couple of other shielded wires have been all connected to ground wires at the ecu (pins #38, #43), according to my pinout. Should these wire shields be grounded here?

Any ideas would be great, I just want to clear this darn cel and know it is all working correctly.

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