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help with finding motor

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im looking to get a rebuilt KA24DE. mines got 200k+. still runs exellent but im positive the HKS kit will be its demise. i found a rebuilt on ebay for 1600 i think. but thats the only one i could find. hoping to find one somewhat local. LA area. but if not whatever. can anyone steer me in the right direction?
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u can rebuild it for cheaper then that... u got a link to the rebuild kit u found?
granted my motor cost alot more then that in the end(so many problems)
all machine work new valve train new timing chain set new rings all new bearings freezeplugs(what a hassle to get them) all new gaskets and it was 900 total the first time...(had to do it 4 times because something was defective each time... freeze plugs poped out and overheated... cam gear snaped... hg leaked... the valve seals wernt sealing right...)
but machine work was cleaning the crank honed each cyl decked mic'd cleaned the bearing holders(cant remember the name atm) cleaned the pistons n rods honed the rods hot tanked for days... the head was decked on the intake exhaust and the hg side. stripped tanked and all new oem nissan valves seals springs retainers caps shims...

only thing i reused was the pistons rods crank block head and oil pump. everything else is new.
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