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How much power is lost changing from t25/6 lbs. of boost to just a header?

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I reckon I blew the seals in my wore out garrett t25 when the blow off valve sprayed a heavy oil/air mixture and saturated the intercooler with oil and starved the engine from much air at all. Upon disconnecting all the piping it ran good, so for now I'm changing to just a header until I can save up and buy a bigger turbo so I can enjoy the car in the mean time. Just wondering if that's going to emit a huge power loss or not. I know there will some less power, but do I need to re-set the timing with just a header?:hope: (the car had a turbo on it already when I bought it and, akay, I'll admit my ignorance.):gaah:
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figure 140 ish with just the header...

maybe about 200 or so wheel with the T25 before it ate itself.

maths say you'll drop about 60 wheel hose power at a minimum.
Well, thanks, Sleepy, that's a very reasonable answer. I've been driving it at Brainerd raceway, MN on track days and last Monday that's where it just gave it all up, on the turbo. I hear a T04 calling.
Saw a very well done rx7 with an LS1 that stuck with a ZR1 like stink. Hey, let's go racing!:idea:
Meh, just drive it with the slow engine... Learning how to drive a momentum car and all the tricks that go along with it will serve you well later if you keep going to the track.

I've learned that anyone can hit a gas pedal, its fun yeah... but its even more fun to do more with less and piss off the higher powered cars.
I've been to the track now with just the header and at first the car felt like it had less than 85whp, so I adjusted the timing from about 20 degrees to about 30, I'm guessing at 30, (the timing mark was way off the scale, unless I'm off a tooth, sorry I've never had the distributor out before, so tooth or slot I don't know), anyway, this is where the car had the most power, then my e-bay fuel reg. seemed to be quite low around 23-24lbs. so in a quick ditch effort I swapped in the old stock reg. and that brought it back up to 26-27, in my opinion that' still low, but it ran way stronger, almost as strong as with the t25 the way it was. So I'm thinking if I would have had it all adjusted like this with the turbo, it just might have got away from me!
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