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How to put in injectors

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Hey guys I'm just about done with the project here, I'm trying to put back in the injectors but this whole thing has been a nightmare it was hard to take it out and i just started banging the shit out of the original injectors. I cool down a bit and just hammered the side of the inectors with a flat head and just pop them out and now I'm trying to put in an SR20 injectors in there but they will not go in all the way ?

any ideas?
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single cam or dual cam ka??? anyway, on the ka24e, the sr injectors dont git. iirc, the sr are side fed, and the ka24e are top feed. there is an injector thread on here somewhere. anyway, the ka24de are side feed, and the sr injectors work on that on. when i swapped out my orings for my injectors, i unbolted the fuel rail, and the injectors pretty much came out really easy, i dont see how you would have an issue with that, unless you didnt take out the fuel rail...
Typical Injectors Used on SOHC

DSM (Eclipse/Talon/Laser) 450cc Injectors *Low Impedence*
RX-7 T2 550cc Injectors *High Impedence* Denso 195500-2020
RX7 FC NA Top feed 460cc Low *86-87*
RX7 FC NA Top feed 460cc High *88*
RX7 FC NA Top feed 460cc High *89-91*
RX7 FC turbo Top feed 550cc Low *86-87*
RX7 FC turbo Top feed 550cc High *88*
RX7 FC turbo Top feed 550cc High *89-91*
RX7 FC NA Top feed 680cc Low *84-85*
CA18DET 370cc Injectors *Low Impedence*

Injector Resistors (To alter low impedence to work with a high impedence ecu)
the link i got it from :: View topic - SOHC Turbo Build For Dummies
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This is Im building a KA-t its a dual cam not a single I know it suppose to fit but it does not go in all the way. I had a hard time takeing out the orginal but its all good now I got that out the way now i just need to know how to put these Sr injectors in
iirc, i think you need smaller orings, but dont quote me on this. check around on that forums also, there are a lot of ka-turbo gurus there, that can help as well....GL
I got it now this was actually the last thing I needed it order to get the car going ( finishing up the turbo ) I just centered it and make sure it lined up and I start tightening the screws on each side and did all 4 prayed that the car start and it starts up just fined

I used the Emance Tune I heard a lot of good and bad things , but my car started up with no problem and it hasn't died down or anything. I haven't taken it for a spin yet because I got an oil leak from the oil sensor/adapter where the turbo feed line goes to , it is a stead drip so I know something is lose
cool good shit put up some pics. and a vid of it running......
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