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How to tell difference between Z32 and S13 BMC?

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What are the visual clues that I might have a Z32 brake master cylinder in the car or the stock S13 BMC? Is there a part number of measurement I can take? The BMC looks like it has been replaced, but I cannot find anything online to show perhaps a side by side comparison?
I can get some pics when the car gets outta the shop if needed....

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Great read
Thanks....But while that great guide does note the performance differences between the two, it does not tell me how to tell the difference? I do see some measurements? I see 17/16"..1"? and 1 1/16? Is there a point I can measure?
The images are not close enough to see any major differences?
I guess Im looking for a side by side? So I can know what BMC I actually have.
So it should say those 17/16"..1"? and 1 1/16 measurements perhaps?
there's an obvious difference, if you look both of them up in google images or something like that, you'll see...atleast I hope you do. I'm not going to make this one easy... ;)
Google images is almost less than any help so far....I get a flood of images....very hard to sift thru and see what people are posting as what.....Any help?
has to do with how the brake lines go into the master cylinder...atleast the 14 is different anyway...and yeah the measurements should be on it somewhere too.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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