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how to???

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Hey guys I'm new here I just got a 95 240sx and I was wondering how can I gain more hp to my car besides the usual intake system, headers and exhaust???? this guy that I know told me that by changing the maf sensor for a bigger one per haps the one from the 300zx and the injectors maybe the nismo 550cc and also taking it to the dyno for them to tune the car, can that make some difference? And also what's the deal with the seafoam how does it help?

I'm thinking on doing the AEM intake system, HKS hi-power exhaust but what good headers can I use while i save money for my final project.

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if you want to stay w/ the KA and get more power you can do a cam upgrade as well. O and J performance have a good selection for the twin cams. and good prices as well.
O & J Performance

also check out these other links as well
whats your final project?
if youre going for a turbo setup, dont waste your money on intakes and exhaust manifolds. you wont be able to use them with a turbo.
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