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how wide of a spacer do I need?

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I bought a set of super advan sa3r 17x8f 17x9r offset is 35f and 38r.......I know I'm gonna get flamed for buying it but I was in a hurry. The tires are rubbing on the big of a spacer will I need to clear?...I have a 95 S14 did the 5 lung and z32 brakes.
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10mm will clear and make them more flush, if you dont care about flushness 5mm should do the trick depending on how much their rubbing
They should fit fine and look fine. If you look at old rays wheels in s-chassi application you will find almost identical widths and offsets which best suit the cars' needs.
sa3r's have really high disks so you should clear brakes no sweat.
Give me tire specs(F/R) and I'll tell you how to get them hella flush.
if you're putting it on stock studs, don't go over 7mm.
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