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Hyundai 5.0

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When the Ford Mustang was challenged by the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe, many laughed. After the pony car icon and the Korean newcomer were put head to head, it became obvious that the Hyundai posed a real threat. Of course the Genesis Coupe doesn’t have the history of the American coupe and this can create quite a gap between the two for a certain type of customers.

And the Mustang shouldn’t fear the Korean two-door anyway, as the latter’s top engine is a V6 that delivers 306 hp, so the Genesis can only compete with the entry level V6 ‘Stang.

Well, it looks like Hyundai is determined to change all this. The carmaker is currently working on a 5.0 liter V8 powerplant that would deliver 429 hp, 17 hp more than the Mustang GT’s 5.0 V8 unit, as Car and Driver reports.

During a drive test event held in South Korea, Hyundai revealed the fact that it is developing the new engine, which will be called 5.0 liter Tau, starting from 4.6 liter V8 that currently powers the Genesis sedan.

The original engine block will be bored out, with the unit receiving a direct injection system. The new Tau powerplant is expected to offer 429 hp at 6,500 rpm and 376 lb-ft at 5,000 rpm.

Hyundai’s upcoming 5.0 liter V8 will be matted to an eight speed automatic transmission. The gearbox has been developed in-house and will also be produced by Hyundai.

The new V8 5.0 liter Tau engine from Hyundai should become available sometime in mid-2011. The engine is also expected to make its way under the hood of the Genesis sedan.

The Genesis is a pretty mad coupe, we have to say: the car seems to be attacking anything that moves (fast) - from MINI Cooper S to Mustang GT.
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Nice! I like the new direction Hyundai is going, now only if Nissan would step up to the plate, offer a new Silvia/240SX with RWD and just put the VK56 into the Z's from the factory....haha

speaking of which, there is a company swapping the VK56's stroked out to 6.0L into 350Zs. Come in either high comp for N/A or low comp for forced induction. Imagine that with a set of ITB's.....I want one.
WTF!? I love my armadas VK. Imagine that in a Z =O

If was rich id swap it a stroked out into a two fourty
Damn, Hyundai is getting it right. The only problem............8 speed auto. V8, RWD and no manual transmission = lame.
Yeah i also noticed the auto. Sucks, and is wasted power ):
8spd, like that stupid overpriced toyota ISF?
that article got it wrong. the 5.0L V8 is currently being developed for the equus sedan and will eventually make its way to the genesis sedan. also the coupe may get the v8 as well but theres no confirmation from hyundai regarding this as of yet. i troll regularly on Hyundai Genesis Sedan: Genesis Sedan Forums so im very up to date on any news about the genesis. as for the guy asking for a brand new silvia theres rumors AGAIN that it still might happend. heres a few articles you guys might be interested in i found on autoguide.

Nissan 240SX Rumors Persist | News

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Report: Hyundai Genesis Coupe May Recieve All-New 5.0 V8 Engine | News
haha I'm just saying if the Genesis and the new toyota prove that a cheap four cylinder coupe can compete in this market, I would think Nissan would jump all over it. There would be a huge amount of demand I would think from the whole Silvia/240SX crowd, maybe some of the ones who have grown out of these cars as is but wants something similar.

And I'm just saying Nissan should consider the VK as a potential option for the Z. It would then have two cars that fit right in the current market niches, the less powerful "base" and more powerful models.

And being that people in Nissan Titans have gotten the VK56 into the 14's with 2.XX rear ends, in a big heavy truck, imagine what a performance oriented VK56 like the one in the new M56 would be like in a new Z o_O
I beat a guy who couldnt drive very well in my moms armada against a Gt mustang. Vks have potentail
I beat a guy who couldnt drive very well in my moms armada against a Gt mustang. Vks have potentail
Yup. both the Vh's and Vk's have a lot of potential in them, hence why I want a VH in a 240SX :10:
Like i said, if i had money. Id do a vk swap
That's probably what the new Z (when ever Nissan decides to build it....if they build it) will have under the hood. 450z maybe?
fuck that 560Z

or they can be a fucking g and bore that bitch out and have yourself a 600ZX like a new 300zx

now that would be a dream 240 build =O
Yeah I'm wondering what they are going to do with the next Z. Really once you hit near the 4.0L displacement with a 6 cylinder, you start making a lower revving car with more torque and less hp. Granted I am a big fan of torque, but if you are going to make it that large anyways, why not just go big? I like the VK56 at a minimum, though I can't say I would be unhappy with a 6.3L.....Nissan 383 anyone?? =P

They can drop a twin turbo 3.8 thats in the gtr. Just less power. Like how the Maxima used to have the same engine and less hp. Cause i couldnt see myself in a nissan sports car with a v8. I mean power would be amazing, but the logics are wrong
Eh it's a possibility. I guess we don't know the answer and we will just have to wait and see!

My guess would be a smaller V8 with direct injection if you want my opinion on the matter
If you want a v8 go american and hope it last longer then 80k
haha I like japanese v8's better. I'm anti-american when it comes to cars, we have nothing but american cars and nothing but problems with them.

Like my neighbor who bought an 05 mustang. Guess his driveshaft and differential fell apart on the freeway. Thats some build quality for ya!

I always have said, bring the Focus RS over, I'd buy a ford. Make better cars, and the government won't have to bail out the American car companies. They are fortunate that Toyota had this mishap and everyone jumped on them over it, but it is still my general opinion that Imports of almost all sorts tend to be of higher quality than American cars.

Besides, then I'd just be like all my friends who are into muscle cars =P Gotta be the odd one out anyways.

I do think if Nissan went V8 with the Z cars, they've probably go with something in the 4.0-4.5L range, aluminum block and direct injection. Then the car would be on a competition level with the new corvette coming out as well.
Yeah amd they would put the price up another 30k. Up there with the gtr

Fuck that. Regular people need cool cars too
Yeah amd they would put the price up another 30k. Up there with the gtr

Fuck that. Regular people need cool cars too
Doubt that. They have pretty much pushed the VQ series as far as it can go in terms of a sports engine, unless they start doing turbos from the factory again, but that I think is much more unlikely.

They are going to have to build more fuel efficient V8's for their luxury line anyways, though it's possible the next generation Z would just use the VK series. We are also talking about, what another 6 or 7 years before we are likely to see a new Z car?? They just came out with the Z34, it's gona be a little while before they do anything.

I doubt they would hike the price like that either, the Z has always been and always will be the every man sports car. That has always been the goal at least. And if they put in even a VK45, it would take the car to a whole other level IMO. Who knows, maybe they'll do a V6 and V8 model at the same time.
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