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i blew up my ka24e what should i do now!!!!??????

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i have a 5 speed 1990 240 with the single cam ka24e i got my car from my mom about 3 months ago just put a lot of money and work in it. got a air intake a week ago and got a high flow cat because the other was bowen out so i could pass smog and other things. its got a ok sound system with 2 12s and it is a salvaged title but the car is nice on the inside and ok on the out other then a cracked dash lol.
so any way my car was making a clicking noise at start up and at 3000 rpm and up then yesterday it got really bad and now my engine wont work at all..... so what should i do now get rid of this 240 and buy another or try and swap to the sr20det??? i live in California so is there no way of me passing smog if i were to do so? and even pass smog or not well i get away with it using it as a daily driver? :gaah:
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damn! that sucks, sorry to hear that. the thing i think you should do is get another ka24e or ka24de. it will be allot cheaper than swapping it to a sr or any other motor swap, it will be allot less hassle because you won't have to do the 27 extra things to get an sr working perfectly with your car. and don't forget the most important, the price, you can get a ka for $200. in working order. you can get a rebuilt block for like $275. and drop it in to your car. you can always rebuild your own motor too, but that will cost from $200. to $1000. its your call. good luck!
id say do a swap and im pretty sure u can make an sr pass smog, or you could always just get a ka24de, those'll definitely pass
ok because people keep telling me to get rid of my car and i knew that wasn't a good idea. and i have had no luck finding a ka24de engine for a price like that. i have been searching google for sites and i find them for about $2000 i even called a few places for rebuilt ones and the same thing happened. cant find any on craigslist so that is why i was thinking sr20 swap. so where could i find a good deal on a ka24de?
a ka24de should not be hard to find for under 400. easily. I just bought one for 300 and I saw another for sale recently local for 250.
once you get to know people you will find ka's for cheap everywhere this is a great place to start. the thing is you aren't going to find a cheap price online or at a shop most of the time, but there are people right here looking to sell thier ka's.
look! here is a guy selling his complete running motor for $100. so hurry before its all gone! your welcome!
and its on this site! see i told you.
Yea man get that single slammer and boost that bitch lol
Check here / Zilvia / Nico. You'll find them used no problem.
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