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I need 4 new Struts/Shocks..Help?

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Would the Tokico Blues be good for a daily driver with stock springs? Other than just driving it i may do autocross a little bit. Will these hold me over for the time being? I'm on a budge as we all are and just wondering if they are reputable.

Also, is this a good deal for 4 of them?
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The HP Blues are better because there made to take 1" lower springs if that time may come and a spring rate 10-20% stiffer then stock. You can find the HP Blues for $327 shipped in the 48. GR-2's are just OEM type replacements.
i have hp blues and i like them. get those w/ some lowering springs. you will like the height it will give you and a better ride.
I got the Gr-2's. I don't plan on lowering it for a while
What ever works. Though I have to say. You did lose out on $3 and better Struts/Shocks...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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