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in need of KA24DE in the TX area

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looking for a good condition, running KA24DE in the Texas area.. I can find a truck to come pick it up if it's not too far.. I'm willing to drive up to 300 miles (maybe a little more) to come pick it up if I have to.. but I'd like to stay in the San Antonio, or Austin area if possible.. again, I need a good RUNNING DE.. my car will be back down here for the swap in about 3 weeks, and I would like to have the motor waiting to go in to make everything go quicker.. S13 motors are prefered, but I could do an S14 motor too (I've got a DE in the car already, but I'd rather not swap manifolds and stuff.. that's just more time and work that I don't need right now) please, if anyone has one, or knows of one for sale.. let me know.. I'm in desperate need to get this car running and get back to Detroit to be with my girlfriend and the munchkin..
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