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this is my first 240. im a pretty experienced mechanic. learning my way around wires. it’s a 1990 240sx hatch s13 ka24e. i bought it from a sitting yard. motor was locked up. i got it to unlock fuel pump wasn’t working i got it to work and didn’t have spark but fixed that too. what i’ve do so far.
-replaced fuel pump
- replaced fuel filter
-replaced injector pig tails (they were corroded)
-taken off all 4 injectors and manually tested them. 3 out of 4 worked. replaced the 4th one. they all read 13.6 ohms
- replaced battery
-replaced ecu
-replaced dizzy cap
fuel goes to rail. just does not shoot through injectors. the car has a panther code alarm on it. idk if that has anything to do with anything. i have a new rotor but i couldn’t get the old one off so i haven’t replaced it. i have spark. idk what to do and need help!
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