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Interior-alternate options?

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Okay so in my car, the interior isn't very vibrantly black, and of course its old but it just scratches way too easily when Im working in it, and buying a new dashboard(since mine is cracked) and new door panels, etc, are far too expensive to justifyably purchase at this point in time, What other options do I have to keep the interior with the black textured OEM stock look, without having to buy every part brand spankin new? IE. is there any kind of resurfacing and painting process I could do that would last and look right? Or perhaps sheets of some sort of material that I can coat the whole interior parts in to look nice? I've looked around on some forums and haven't been too lucky finding info about this, but I figured asking would probably help and I could get a lead on something.
What sucks is that I bought a brand new console, and in a week of it sitting on the counter, and me putting it in the car, It's already got a bigass scratch on it. FML :( Expensive parts getting beat up so easilsy is not fun. Please Help! D: Thanks!
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