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is this worth it?

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turbo 240sx
I dont know too much about turboing NA cars, but does anyone know how much it might cost to get that custom elbow fitted from the link?
because if this guy can get me a good deal i might get this car, The battery re location shouldnt be hard at all, im just worried about that custom elbow he was talking about. any feedback would be awesome

also i dont think its a 91 he sasy it is, but idk why you would swap a sohc into a dohc body
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I would say if you are handy with a wrench and can find a place to finish the downpipe, then go for it. I would try to get the price down a little bit.
If you don't feel comfortable tackling such a task, then ask around for some help locally. Get someone to give you a hand with it if possible. There is only so much help you can get online.
I'm a die hard KA-T guy, so I'm partial to them personally.

If you need anything, my contact info is in my profile.
dude thats scetchy if hes selling a 91 or later model with a SOHC engine..
looks way sketchy...the single cam swap? and i know if i was to sell a car with coilovers id definitely have a picture of it on the ground not on jackstands. but who knows check it out might be worth it when you see it.
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